Stop Cleaning Your Gutters! Maine Leaf Protection Systems

micro-gaurdClimbing a ladder and mucking out clogged gutters is an unpleasant task that is part of life here in Maine. But it is essential to keep your home’s gutters clear of dead leaves, pine needles, branches and other debris so that rainwater and melting snow can flow freely and not back up under your roof into your home. However, thanks to HomeExperts of Maine and our MicroGuard Leaf Protection system, you may never have to clean your gutters – ever again!
The true value of a gutter systems stems from its ability to direct water down from your roof and away from your foundation. The problem with older gutter systems is that the same troughs that collect water also collect dirt and debris. When this debris builds up, the water is not allowed to flow anywhere but backwards, into cracks and leaks in your roof and exterior walls. This backwards flow can lead to serious water damage, which will cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Through an ingenious design utilizing micro-filtration technology, MicroGuard delivers superior defense against leaves and debris. Angled micro-perforations effectively block debris while allowing water to enter your gutter troughs. Special grooves in the face of MicroGuard prevent water from splashing back.

Unlike some leaf protection systems, MicroGuard installation does not penetrate roof shingles, so your roofing warranty will not be voided. And MicroGuard will not affect the look of your home, does not interfere with your roof line, and is not visible from ground level.

HomeExperts of Maine can custom fit MicroGuard Leaf Protection when we install your new RainPro seamless gutters in Southern Maine. Either way you’ll gain the advantage of spending less time on a rickety ladder and more time enjoying friends and family on the ground.

Stop cleaning your gutters! Call HomeExperts of Maine for the convenience and time-saving value of a MicroGuard Leaf Protection system.

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