Why Fibrex Windows are Better Than Vinyl Windows

For many years vinyl replacement windows offered an alternative to the older, maintenance-intensive wood frame windows found in many homes in Maine. Vinyl windows were easier to maintain and offered improved energy efficiency. But homeowners were limited in the styles and color choices available with vinyl windows, and durability was always a question. Plus, petroleum-based vinyl products were not the first choice for environmentally conscious Mainers.

When a stronger, more environmentally responsible alternative to vinyl became a necessity, Renewal by Andersen® created Fibrex™, a material that outlasts and outperforms even the highest quality vinyl. Fibrex™ replacement windows are superior to vinyl windows for Maine homes in almost every measurable feature.

  • Strength – Fibrex™ window frames are stiffer and more durable than vinyl, and will not warp or sag with age
  • Energy Efficiency – Fibrex™ frames feature enhanced insulation properties to help reduce home heating and cooling costs by creating a barrier against energy transfer
  • Décor Options – Fibrex™ can be formed into in a huge array of window styles, from traditional double-hung to bay windows, to specialty shapes
  • Zero Maintenance – You never need to scrape or paint Fibrex™ windows

The versatility of Fibrex™ material is just one reason to choose Fibrex™ over vinyl windows for Maine homes. Another major factor to consider is the energy saving benefits of and sustainable production methods behind such an advanced material. While wood and vinyl materials are produced using processes that lead to wasted material that piles up in landfills, Fibrex™ is produced using a cyclical manufacturing process. The waste from one production is recycled and used in the next.

Here at Renewal by Andersen of Maine, we offer a wide selection of window styles and can customize the color, texture, and finish to fit your specific home. By working with our design team you will be able to create your dream window, even using Fibrex™ to mimic the look of other window products such as wood or aluminum.

Renewal by Andersen® windows are designed to be low maintenance and high performance. In order to maintain the strength and functionality of your Fibrex™ windows, little maintenance will be required. Once installed, you can have peace of mind knowing that you knew Fibrex™ windows will perform at peak capacity and make far less impact on our environment than vinyl windows.

For the highest quality windows in Maine, local homeowners know to turn to Renewal by Andersen® of Maine first. We offer a full selection of quality Renewal by Andersen® windows, each one designed specifically to benefit homeowners in our region. Give us a call or visit our Contact Us page to request a quote today!

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