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The cost of energy is on the rise and has been for a few years now. For many homeowners it may seem a fact of life that their energy costs will be high. There are ways to counteract those rising costs, however, and one of the easiest ways to do so is replacing your older windows.

Many older windows, especially those made from wood, allow for costly heating and cooling to leak through gaps in the frames. When that air is allowed to escape, and the outside air is allowed in, your temperature regulating systems are thrown out of whack and end up using more and more energy to balance themselves out. With Andersen replacement windows, that free flow of air is, like wood windows, a thing of the past. Andersen windows are designed using advanced composite or Fibrex materials, which do not crack or wrap like wood. They will keep your energy trapped within your home and your heating and cooling systems functioning only as needed.

In addition to the energy saving benefits of their frames, Renewal by Andersen windows also feature advanced, energy efficient glass. While this glass works with the frame to seal energy within, it also stops the penetration of IR rays, which can raise the temperature of your home. And with maximized glass surface area, Andersen windows allow for more natural light to stream into your home which will limit the amount of electricity your use to keep a bright, warm, inviting atmosphere.

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